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02.05.2024 22:15

Margarida Garcia, Four Negatives

Four Negatives is a piece created by weaving different lines of repetitions into each other, adding one line after another. Each musical phrase, around 6 minutes long, is played back unaffected, joining the existing lines. These patterns work a sort of mirror maze where gaps and double exposures are pushed front and back. The solo becomes multiple, its time echoing distant actions in different successive signs.

“Perhaps the […] object of art is to bring into play simultaneously all these repetitions, with their differences in kind and rhythm, their respective displacements and disguises, their divergences and decentrings; to embed them in one another and to envelop one or the other in illusions the ‘effect’ of which varies in each case.”

― Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition

© André Hencleeday © André Hencleeday

Since the mid nineties, Margarida Garcia has been developing a unique and very personal language for electric bass. Before a formative seven years spent living in New York, Garcia was a fixture of the Lisbon underground sound scene. Her explorations of the bow, mostly darkly dramatic, in deeply obscure and silent territories, can be heard on collaborations with Thurston Moore, Mattin and DJ Marfox, Eddie Prévost and others. Garcia is also a practicing visual artist and has published a book of drawings, held numerous exhibition and made art work for many music releases. Since 2014 she lives between Lisbon and Antwerp.