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03.05.2024 10:00-13:00

Valentina Vuksic: On Doing Sonics Through the Computational

12 participants
Registration required
No pri­or know­ledge neces­sary – bring a smartphone, laptop or other personal device (can be shared)
English spoken

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The radiation of digital devices is a meeting point for uncontained reflection and practice: their physical emissions are musical material, cybersecurity issues, and suitable for an expanded notion of the consequences of technologies. After listening to the electromagnetic fields of everyday technological devices, the participants sketch micro-choreographies from operating their devices in an informal group jam.

© Valerie Vargas © Valerie Vargas

Valentina Vuksic works from within the radiation of the computational; she improvises with the electrosmog of the digital and collects sonic recordings of electricity. The works shift side-effects of computational abstractions into the center and localise them at the core of contemporary digital technologies.