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01.05.2024 22:00

Nina Garcia/Mariachi

Since 2015, Nina Garcia has been conducting research and creation work around the electric guitar, halfway between improvised music and noise. Her device is reduced to a minimum: a guitar, a pedal, an amp with which she carves the sound and digs into the chaos to bring out the unheard of. For her solo “Mariachi”, the attention is given to the gesture and to the research on the instrument, its resonances, its limits, its extensions, its impurities, its audible corners: to go with or against it, to contain it or to let it sound, to support it or to violate it. A duo more than a solo: A convergence of wildness and tenderness with her instrument, a tense body to body between two vibrant souls for a music and a choreography with raw poetry.

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Nina Garcia was born in 1990. She lives and works in Paris. Nina also plays in the band Autoreverse with Arnaud Rivière, in duet with trombonist Maria Bertel, with percussionist Camille Émaille, in the band mamiedaragon and in the improvisation ensemble Le Un.