Oscillation ::: Materia Forma

04.05.2024 20:00

Franziska Windisch, On Open Form

The complex relationship between score and event lies at the core of this lecture performance, which examines the theoretical concept of “Open Form”, formulated by Polish architect, artist, and lecturer Oskar Hansen (1922–2005). Applied as a framework to look at sound performances from a different perspective, its central aspects such as space, difference, and interaction are reinterpreted in the context of sound and listening.

Franziska Windisch is an artist and lecturer based in Brussels. Encompassing performance and installation her artistic practice is dedicated to processes of transformation and perception. Her work is characterised by the creation of situations in which sounds, movements, words, and materials enter into poetic relations. Working towards performance modes beyond representation, she develops scores as open structures, where internal states and external influences begin to interact with each other.