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04.05.2024 23:30

Jana Rush

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Chicago born and raised, Jana Rush started Djing at the tender age of ten. She started producing just three years later, influenced by DJ Deeon, with whom she released on Dance Mania 1996 as “DJ Deeon Presents The Youngest Female DJ”. After taking a break from music, working as a chemical engineer at an oil refinery by day and as a CAT scan technologist assistant at night, Rush reentered the scene in 2016.

Her MPC 7635 EP, released on Objects Ltd. that year, received attention for her mind-bending drum acrobatics. Her 2017 debut album Pariah was lauded as one of the best albums of the year by Resident Advisor, The Wire, Crack Magazine and one of the best albums of the decade by Mixmag.

Returning in 2021 with Painful Enlightenment, an intense emotional rollercoaster of disfigured samples, quivering electronics and vagrant percussion. As Rush has said, “This album is not a footwork album. It’s more like dark experimental listening music, an opportunity to be myself without judgement!”