Oscillation ::: Materia Forma

05.05.2024 18:30

Tetsuya Umeda, Narikama

From capturing environments, architectural structures, sound, light and human behaviour, the sources of Tetsuya Umeda’s work vary widely. Umeda models installations and objects out of daily products and engages viewers with his interactive performance pieces. For Oscillation, Umeda will make a cylindrical sound sculpture from ordinary objects like tins, nets, stove, and rice. The sculpture’s unexpected sounds and simple processes are influenced by the idea of “Narikama”, an ancient Japanese ritual performed for 500 years.


© Kiki Papadopoulou © Kiki Papadopoulou

Tetusya Umeda produces installations that are inspired by existing elements found in the environment and circumstances surrounding the exhibition space including its architectural structure. He has produced numerous site-specific works based on the context of both urban spaces and the natural environment. He makes performance works including tours inviting the audience to unfamiliar places, or stage works focusing on functions found in theaters etc.