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01.05.2024 10:00-13:00

Victoria Shen: This Mortal Coil (sold out)

10 participants
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No pri­or know­ledge neces­sary
English spoken

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An introduction to transducers – from pickups to loudspeakers. Build your own microphone<>speaker system with basic materials and the power of electromagnetism.

© Annalie Bouchard © Annalie Bouchard

Victoria Shen is an experimental music performer and sound artist from San Francisco. Though analogue synthesizers are the backbone of Shen’s music, while performing live, she plays self-made electronics, invented instruments, and even acoustic objects like a bull whip. Shen is a markedly mobile performer that muddles the boundaries between performer and audience, stage and floor. Her live show vacillates between moments of restraint and swells of frenetic and confrontational movement. A tightrope walk between control and chance, the whiff of danger is never far during Shen’s performances. Her sound is dynamic with a sensitivity to texture and structure throughout.