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02.05.2024 10:00-13:00

Ana María Romano G.: Invitations to Place the Body into Sound (sold out)

10 participants
Registration required
No pri­or know­ledge neces­sary
English and Spanish spoken

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This workshop is aimed at musicians, sound artists, improvisers and non-musicians interested in exploring listening, space, body, and voice to expand the notions of sound creation. This workshop invites people who want to get together to create collaboratively by listening, improvising, sharing space, feeling and enjoying the body. The group is invited to be very diverse.

Each person is asked to bring an object that makes a sound; it is very important that there is an affective link with that object, which can be a musical instrument in the conventional sense, or any object that makes a sound (computers are also welcome).

The workshop will deal with the work Qué pasaría si… / What would happen if… composed in 2022 for A Year of Deep Listening (https://www.deeplistening.rpi.edu/ayodl/page/5/).

© Maria Rojas © Maria Rojas

Ana María Romano G. is a prominent figure in the Colombian scene, focusing her work at the intersection of gender, sound, and technology. Her research explores soundscapes, space, the body, and noise, and considers the political dimensions of creation to be inseparable from these subjects. A feminist committed to the inclusion of women in the spheres of creation in Latin America, she considers collective and collaborative work to be fundamental. Currently, she teaches at Universidad El Bosque and is the coordinator of the Feminist Platform En Tiempo Real, dedicated to the encounter between sound and technology with focus on women and LBTQ+.