Oscillation ::: Materia Forma

03.05.2024 21:15

Giulia Rae

In an ever-forming and dissolving digital ecosystem, the sound makes the space and the space vibrates. The live performance unfolds as a blend of interactions where carefully crafted synthetic textures intertwine with soft remembrances of field recordings. This gives rise to an imaginative world rooted in algorithmic approaches to composition and live coding. Through multichannel diffusion, the interaction between sound and the architectural space is explored, breaking down the performativity of player and listener. The sound manifests density and absence, questioning its interaction with the human body, the listening space and the concept of immersion.

Giulia Rae is a composer and sound researcher currently based in Brussels. Grounded in the field of creative coding, Rae’s careful touch on sonic space embraces the potential of human-machine interaction to craft digital/organic sonic environments. She presents acousmatic works, performs live internationally, and releases music on various labels. In parallel, she collaborates on multidisciplinary projects, carrying on artistic research into immersion, acoustic ecology, listening modalities and spatial sound.