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04.05.2024 10:00-13:00

Jonáš Gruska: Walk in the Sonian Forest

10 participants
Registration required
No pri­or know­ledge neces­sary
English spoken

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A lecture-walk aimed at reshaping our focus, questioning established perceptions of urban nature, and recognizing the often overlooked non-human inhabitants of our surroundings. Embracing the ethos of citizen science, we will talk about mapping the biodiversity within the local ecosystem via iNaturalist project. We will explore the realms of lichen, algae, and fungi, their unique roles, survival strategies, and the political significance behind their exploration.

Note: The walk takes place at the Sonian forest. More information about the meeting point will be sent to participants via email.

Jonáš Gruska‘s main focus are chaotic and polymetric rhythms, unconventional tunings, exploration of psychoacoustic properties of sound and field recording. He has created several site-specific sound installations, based on resonant properties of spaces and materials. Jonáš has given workshops on sonification, field recording, electromagnetic listening, and programming for artists. He is the co-founder of LOM—label, instrument manufacturing company, cultural space and more.