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05.05.2024 19:30

Jonáš Gruska, Axis Mundi Sound Distribution System

A performance exploring generative, algorithmic, or chaotic patterns, speaker choreography, psychoacoustic effects and ultrasonic parametric speakers via a custom built sound reproducing tower. Axis Mundi Sound Distribution System is ever-evolving modular sculpture designed to emit, reflect, and direct (ultra)sonic waves to space from single axis between the Heaven and the Earth. It currently consists of 7 or 8 channels of rotating audio, (sound) reflective plate, three motors, LED, and UV illumination.

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Jonáš Gruska’s main focus are chaotic and polymetric rhythms, unconventional tunings, exploration of psychoacoustic properties of sound and field recording. He has created several site-specific sound installations, based on resonant properties of spaces and materials. Jonáš has given workshops on sonification, field recording, electromagnetic listening, and programming for artists. He is the co-founder of LOM—label, instrument manufacturing company, cultural space and more.