Oscillation ::: Materia Forma

30.04.2024 21:00

Michiko Ogawa & Lucy Railton, Fragments of Reincarnation

Fragments of Reincarnation began as a timbral exploration of the combined tuning systems of our instruments: the shō (Pythagorean tuning with a frequency of A=440 Hz fundamental, including fluctuation with inhalation and exhalation), cello (flexible, of course) and Hammond organ (equal temperament, broken). The structure of the piece is loosely based on the round shape of the shō and the 11 gagaku chords of ‘aitake’, moving through progressions that overlap and smudge, unfold in variations and demolish in cycles. The title Fragments of Reincarnation draws from these thoughts and how each voice emerges and disappears in the shimmer of the dusty old hammond organ.

Michiko Ogawa is a performer, composer, and researcher, born and raised in Tokyo, currently based in Berlin. Lucy Railton is a cellist and composer from the UK, living in Berlin. The pair have been playing together in various formations over the years, most often in the Berlin group Harmonic Space, as well as on recordings of music by Taku Sugimoto (Meena and Ftarri), Michiko Ogawa (Junkan, 2020), performing with Tashi Wada’s Hour of the Star project, and most recently in duo, releasing Fragments of Reincarnation on Another Timbre in 2023.