Oscillation ::: Materia Forma

30.04.2024 20:00

Laura Mello, Composing For Many Media Including Me

Composing For Many Media Including Me is a self-referential performance series composed through the media of sound, video, experimental electronics and the performer herself. In each new performance, composition is approached via the tension between the fixed and the improvisational. The culturally-determined power relations in the construction of the performer’s body, as well as the potential and limits of the technical media used, are performatively questioned in interaction with each other.

The work of Brazilian/German sound artist and composer Laura Mello is the outcome of a practice of listening to the in-betweens, taking sound as the starting point to establish unheard connections. She explores the auditory dimensions of spoken language to deconstruct and reconstruct (de-)colonial perspectives, challenging established epistemologies. Laura’s projects emerge in multiple formats and evolve from interdisciplinary and often site-specific investigations.