Oscillation ::: Materia Forma

04.05.2024 22:30

Sandar Tun Tun, EDITS

EDITS is a sensual dive steeped in melancholy and raw intensity. Sparked by gestures at once improvised and orchestrated, a score emerges through the performative misuse of digital turntables. Each motion affects the audio sources, disfiguring them to deepen the narrative setting. There, in the smashed, jerky, cut-up textures, feelings linger beneath the surface of noise. EDITS recalls inner sensations drawn from first-hand experience — a weight upon the heart, the memory of a tremor, tears of joy or tears of woe, what make us whole or hollow.

© Camille D. Tonnerre © Camille D. Tonnerre

Sandar Tun Tun builds their work around fabulation, new alliances, and collaborative trajectories. Artist, DJ and composer, they develop a sonic, spatial, and performative practice focused on listening as a critical and sensitive responsiveness. Drawing on musical social space and its transgressive perspectives, their projects explore ways of reverence or interversion to inhabit dissonance, fragmentation, and noise.