Oscillation ::: Materia Forma

Esteemed corporeal forms,

Our sonic feast will be opened tonight at VK Vaartkapoen in Molenbeek. Ok, it is the sixth edition of the festival, but its number is apparently not inversely proportional to the amount of excitement we feel at its onset. Unlike last year, day tickets will still be available at the doors (except for the discourse program, which is sold out), as well as dinner, which will be provided by VK the days we’re at their place. And as for the pre-, inter-, and post-performance hangouts that Oscillation fans have come to love, this year they’ll be sound-tracked by some of Q-O2’s extended family: starting tomorrow with the Brussels-based artist Soumaya Phéline (Club Détour / Psst Mlle).

Tonight’s timetable:

20:00 – Laura Mello – Composing For Many Media Including Me

21:00 – Michiko Ogawa & Lucy Railton – Fragments of Reincarnation

22:15 – Evicshen


Forever’s gonna start tonight,


The Oscillation Department