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Beloved material vessels,

Aaaand so that’s what it felt like, right? The excitement of an opening night: neatly timed schedules that became obsolete faster than wanted, devising clever systems to give people wristbands, the warmest hangouts with our beloved Oscillation crowd between and after performances, … Addictive it was, and still is.

All these feelings, accompanied by Laura Mello’s whimsical media mingling of sound poetry and synth pulses, Michiko Ogawa & Lucy Railton’s hypnotic circular timbre explorations, and Evicshen’s spectacular DIY noise shenanigans. We felt immersed right away.

Laura Mello by Geert Coppens

Today’s timetable

Discourse program at Q-O2 (sold out):

14:30 Doors
15:00 Bojana Cvejić – Listening, transindividually
15:30 Gabriel Paiuk – Listening Technicities
16:15 Giulia Rae – “Immersive” in the Context of sound and Listening
16:45 Rim Irscheid – Embracing Uncertainty and Failure in Experimental Music and Curatorial Activism
17:30 Tim Ingold – The Fountain
18:00 Round Table

Evening program at VK Vaarktapoen (tickets still available at the doors):

20:00 Lee Patterson & Pak Yan Lau: In May of 2023, Pak Yan Lau and Lee Patterson met and played for the first time together in Manchester. This meeting brought out their similar interest of listening and sound treatments, but different approaches to execution and projection. Pak Yan felt a direct kinship to the way Lee was processing his ‘invisible’ sounds, like the chemical reaction of chalk in water or the footsteps of an ant. Pak Yan and Lee aim to meet in a sound space and trace common and uncommon grounds, categorizing each sound into an eclectic system.

21:00 Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh: The interaction of live instrumentation with pre-recorded sound reflects upon the sonic and social experience of the area in which Ailbhe lives in Glasgow, and its proximity to BAE Systems, Britain’s largest arms manufacturer. She aims to create a performance that reflects both the subjective experience of this presence in her neighbourhood and the impact that its output has on the greater world. What is created here leads to destruction elsewhere.

22:00 Nina Garcia/Mariachi: Since 2015, Nina Garcia has been conducting research and creation work around the electric guitar, halfway between improvised music and noise. Her device is reduced to a minimum: a guitar, a pedal, an amp with which she carves the sound and digs into the chaos to bring out the unheard of. For her solo “Mariachi”, the attention is given to the gesture and to the research on the instrument, its resonances, its limits, its extensions, its impurities, its audible corners: to go with or against it, to contain it or to let it sound, to support it or to violate it. A duo more than a solo: A convergence of wildness and tenderness with her instrument, a tense body to body between two vibrant souls for a music and a choreography with raw poetry.

Diana Duta provides the foyer with (live!) music tonight.

And, a final heads-up for the workshops: don’t forget to reserve your places, they are almost sold out!

Only starting,

The Oscillation Branch